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About Us

eFree.delivery is an independent company servicing and collaborating with local businesses to deliver your multiple items (from different stores) in one delivery.

eFree.delivery does not deliver hot food. We deliver
items you purchase via www.gib.shopping 

You will never have to wait for multiple delivery drivers to knock on your door because you purchased multiple items from different stores. 

The most important thing is, we guarantee you will receive all your shopping in the most environmentally way possible. On E-bikes or on foot. E-Cargo delivery bikes supplied by E-Bike Gibraltar.

Shop now! https://buy.gib.shopping/

Need a delivery service for your business?
Email us on info@efree.delivery 

Partner sites

We are proud to ahve joined gib.shopping and in doing so we have joined the Gib dot vision. The following says it all and is nonexasutive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do multiple delivery costs?

A delivery is calculated per pick up. This means that our driver will visit each store you have bought an item(s) from and then delivery it all together to you; albeit at home or at work. Our rates are comparable to other delivery services, but you can sleep better knowing we have not puluted the air in bringing you your shopping. 

When would I receive my delivery?

Most of us shop at unsociable hours when the actual stores are closed. Yes, 9 o’clock at night or later is about right. We all do it, whilst sitting on the sofa or in bed on your mobile and why many buy items from the eBays and Amazons of this world.

Whilst buying local, your item(s) would be delivered the next day during the day (at work for example) or if you choose at home in the evening, but your entire basket will arrive at the same time. 

Can eFree deliver for my business?

Yes, contact us for more informaiton.

Can I become an eFree delivery driver with my own bicycle?

Subject to the availability of vacancies and seasonal demand. Those without E-bikes would be given flat zones rather than the hilly upper town. 

What should I do if I see an eFree delivery driver acting antisocial?

We please ask that you contact us and email in any photos or video you may have taken. 

eFree.delivery will not tolerate any antisocial road presence. Our drivers must be respsonible for themseleves and the safety of others. Many of us have witnessed how delivery drivers drive wrong way and at reckless speeds. With substantiated evidence, eFree drivers will be dismissed for such behaviour with no recourse of appeal. 

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